The 2019 exhibits calendar at The Flick Gallery kicks off with a winter exhibit featuring the work of eight of our best local artists, representing a variety of mediums.

The Interlude exhibit, hung Jan. 9, will feature the work of eight local artists, with each artist as the subject of a week-long spotlight. It’s a great way for the Arts Center to provide a more in-depth showcase for some of the artists whose work is often seen in the Flick Gallery.

Interlude will feature work by painters Daryl Davis, Phyllis Maciag and Helga Poreda, mixed media artist Dale Richards, basket weaver Susan Baxter, book-binder Nancy Langford, photographer Steve Knapp, and potter Monica Sommerville.

Daryl Davis’ retirement to the area was a returning of sorts to the scene of many of her “coming of age” experiences—including her joy in creating art.  Despite a minor in studio art and a Master’s degree in art education, Daryl is just now jumping into art with both feet.  Her current medium of choice is watercolor with all its potential and nuance.

Phyllis Maciag’s work often shows a quiet whimsy. A Dundee resident, she enjoys working in a variety of mediums and her hands are seldom at rest. Whether doodling, drawing, painting, or weaving, Phyllis has a tendency to look at her subjects from a variety of unusual angles, creating the unique perspectives that characterize her work.

Helga Poreda has always had a passion for creating art. As a young girl she was always sketching, especially pets and animals. Retirement in the Finger Lakes inspired Helga to begin painting landscapes, flowers, and animals. She says painting, whether in oils, acrylic, or watercolor, is one of her life’s special pleasures.

Dale Richards began her career in the arts after retiring to Seneca Lake. A flyer for an art class at the Arts Center sparked her imagination and began a 16-year love affair with the arts in Yates County and in Florida (during the winter months). While Dale enjoys experimenting with new mediums, her favorite remains the mixed media/collages for which she’s well known.

Susan Baxter’s fascination with basket weaving started with an innocuous Christmas present. The basket-weaving kit from her mother-in-law woke her to the organized chaos of creating functional three-dimensional structures with vibrant colors and wildly different textures. She says every basket takes her on a unique journey.

Nancy Langford has always been fascinated by books but a week-long workshop in bookbinding extended that interest beyond content to actual structure. Nancy notes that hand-bound books have infinite diversity, are a challenge and pleasure to make and a joy to use. She also revels in the whimsy of marbling papers for use as endpapers in her books, notepads, and notecards.

Photographer Steve Knapp came to the art of photography after a career in graphic design. The almost iconic view of Keuka Lake from his Knapp Road home in Barrington continues to be a source of inspiration, although his often whimsical animal pictures are equally as popular as his sweeping landscapes.

Monica Sommerville’s wheel-thrown and hand-built stoneware are beloved for their graceful functionality, practicality, and gentle earth-tones. She’s been working with clay since her senior year in high school, launching Sommerville Pottery with her husband Ray in 1995. The two moved to Yates County in 2008, establishing a Keuka Pottery Trail with other area potters. Despite Ray’s passing in 2016, Monica continues to make and sell pottery throughout the Finger Lakes, and is actively training the next generation of Keuka Lake potters in her studio.

Stop by the Arts Center in January and February to see the work of these local artists and more. The Arts Center is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturdays