The Dundee Village Board has agreed to build a new waste water treatment facility that is projected to cost $6.2 million and will be financed with a combination of grants ($2.51 million) and a zero-interest loan for nearly $3.7 million that will be repaid over 30 years.

The annual debt service cost will be $99,640, or $165 for each customer unit in the first 10 years beginning in 2022, according to representatives from the village’s engineering consultant firm, Barton and Loguidice. For the second 10 years, the annual cost will be $206, and for the third 10 years, it will be $247, until the loan is paid off in 2052.

To ease into the annual debt payment, the village will increase quarterly bills by $10 per unit each quarter beginning this year, then an additional $10 quarterly each year preventing a sudden increase of $40 per quarter beginning in 2022.

After a lengthy discussion at the Jan. 8 village board meeting, trustees unanimously agreed to accept the grants package and proceed with the plans. The project will eliminate the existing plant on Saunders Street next to Big Stream, a Seneca Lake tributary.

The new system will include ultraviolet technology, and will eliminate the existing pond and outfall.

Village officials had hoped to secure enough grants and financing to also be able to replace sewer lines, but that would increase the project cost to $8.5 million.

Mayor Fred Cratsley says there is still a chance the village will be awarded other grants.

“Any amount at this point helps,” he said.

Other business at the Jan. 8 meeting included:

• ELECTION: The board scheduled the village election to be held from noon to 9 p.m. March 19. Offices that will be on the ballot are the mayor and trustee seats held by Greg Wright and Warren Smith. Smith says he will be seeking re-election, Wright and Cratsley said they are undecided.

• JUSTICE POSITION:  The board scheduled a public hearing on the abolition of the village justice position at the end of Judge Paula Seeley’s current term. The hearing will be held during the Feb. 12. village board meeting.

• FLAGS: Area resident Camille LoParrino received permission from the board to proceed with plans to seek donations to pay for U.S. flags to be installed on utility poles through the village. Each flag and pole will cost $50.