Following the Dec. 18  approval from the New York State Comptroller, the last hurdle in Torrey’s more than 20-year journey to create a public water district was finally behind them. Jan. 8, the board approved the construction of the district, with Supervisor Patrick Flynn authorized to sign the order. In 2018, the Town approved plans to connect to the end of the Town of Benton’s water line that is being extended this year, using the well water from Kashong in the Town of Geneva. Torrey was notified in September that the USDA has awarded their project a loan of $892,000 and grant of $684,000. The town had originally applied for $500,000.

Torrey’s water district was predicated on the expansion of the Benton water main to the Torrey town line, and they breathed a sigh of relief when voters in the proposed expansion of Benton water district No. 1 approved the project in a permissive referendum vote held on election day.

Benton remains far ahead in their project plans. Building & Zoning and Water Officer Jayson Hoover says all property easements for the project have been obtained, the bid has been awarded to Nardozzi Co. of Geneva and a preconstruction meeting is planned this week. Weather permitting, construction may begin this month.

Torrey will contract with Benton to supply the water, maintain the system, and bill the ratepayers. Now fully approved and funded, Torrey is beginning the process of acquiring the easements, some complicated by the need to cross under the railroad right of way along Seneca Lake. 

Other business:

Justice: Town Justice Jean Mashewske resigned Jan. 2 after 35 years of loyal service on the bench.  She is now enjoying retirement in her new home on Clinton Street in Penn Yan. Administrative Judge Craig Doran of the 7th District appointed as Interim Justice Matt Conlon from Penn Yan Village Court. Torrey resident George Thompson was appointed permanent Justice, and will assume the duties after attending the required training in April. He then must run for the office in November to begin a new 4-year term.