Thirty-eight Yates County employees were recognized for their 545 years of total service to the citizens of the county at the Jan. 14 county legislature meeting.

Legislative Chairman Douglas Paddock noted that at times, their work is not comfortable, but they go beyond expectations to get the job done. He said their work includes public safety, infrastructure, acting as a partner with New York state, and improving the way of life in the county.

Interim County Administrator Winona Flynn added, “All our county’s achievements are possible because of your efforts.”

Recognition went to:

30 Years: Nicholas DiRisio and Phyllis Hamm, Jail

25 Years: Jeffrey Snyder, Probation; Christine DiRisio, Jail; Scott Backer, Sheriff’s Department; and Charles Ryder, County Highway

20 Years: David Hartman, County Highway; Diane Caves, Office of Emergency Management; Susan Delaire, Social Services; Andy Siwak, Communications; Kevin Crofoot, Sheriff’s Department;

15 Years: Robert Quayle, James Palmer, Cynthia Kuhner, and David Smith, Jail; Gale Jensen, County Attorney; Lynda Rossi, Probation; Lois Hall, County Clerk; William Bacher, Court Security;

10 Years: Patrick
Mc Knight, Court Security; Daniel Scott, Jail; Elaine Lewis, Amy Miller, Amy Cramer, Leslie Mc Innis, Christeen Freeland, and Tera Brand, Social Services; Amy Daines, Elections Commissioner; James Adams, County Highway; Tanya Hubbard, Probation; Thomas Morris, and Richard Lafler, Animal Control

5 Years: Cindy Povoski, Treasurer; Jennifer Craig, Jail; Megan Morehouse, Sheriff’s Department; Edda Garcia, Jail; Erica Putnam and Gregory Shoff, Social Services.