The Town of Jerusalem’s amendments to their local zoning law was approved unanimously, with one abstention, by the Yates County Planning Board at their Jan. 24 meeting, declaring it as having a positive county-wide impact. 

In the past, older non-conforming homes, especially those with lakefront, could not be expanded with any square footage. Under the new code, these homes may be expanded so long as the non-conformity does not increase. Newly appointed YCPB member Jamie Sisson, a sitting Jerusalem Town Board member, says Keuka Lake has hundreds of such properties, and the town was being inundated with variance requests. The Dept. of State recommends when so many variances are applied for and granted, then the town should consider redrafting the code.

“We consider this a win-win for the town and the homeowners,” says Sisson. “We want to see the character of Keuka Lake preserved. We don’t want to see old cottages torn down and replaced by these ‘McMansions’ that are being built.”

Other applications:

• Village of Penn Yan: Applicant, KanPak, 105 Horizon Park Drive, for Site Plan Review to construct a 195,000 sq.ft. expansion to the existing facility, and as the installation of a new wastewater treatment system for dairy product processing. Penn Yan’s planning board has also reviewed with concerns over the effluent fron the treatment system and the impact on the village wastewater treatment plant. The N.Y. State DEC will be monitoring the KanPak system directly. Approved with a positive county-wide impact statement.

• Town of Italy: Applicant, Italy Town Board for amendment to zoning code and adoption of updated zoning map, including repeal of scenic protection overlay districts, establishment of “Hamlet” and “Lakeshore Residential” zoning districts. The scenic protections in the eight viewsheds were rendered moot by the growth of trees in the years since they were established. The code amendments also include a commercial kennel definition — “Any place  or facility where more than four dogs over the age of four months are kept for the purpose of breeding and selling such animals; or where the business of boarding dogs not owned by the owner or occupant of the property is conducted for compensation.” Approved with a no county-wide impact statement. 


• Town of Starkey: Applicants, Richard and Helen Axtell, 12 Vine St., Dundee, for   proposed subdivision of 2.1 acres from the larger parcel at 5133 Pre-Emption Road. Approved with a no county-wide impact statement. 

Applicant, Mark A. Karasz, 378 Allen Road, Rock Stream, for Special Use Permit for a proposed second house on existing 150 acre farm property. One of the existing two residences to be removed after the new home is completed. Approved with a no county-wide impact statement.