At its last meeting, the Yates County Planning Board welcomed its newest member, Jerusalem Town Councilman Jamie Sisson, filling his town’s vacant seat, and said goodbye and thank you to at-large member Herbie Snyder after many years of service. 

Fellow at-large member Edwin Moberg shifted over to fill Potter’s vacant seat, meaning that three at-large seats are now vacant.

The Yates County Legislature would welcome volunteers who wish to serve the county in this capacity. The Planning and Development Department is tasked with processing referrals from the local municipalities for review by the County Planning Board, which meets monthly in the Yates County Legislative Chambers at 7 p.m. the fourth Thursday each month. The Board reviews referrals for their potential county-wide impact and forwards those determinations to the local board for final decisions. 

The members of the Yates County Planning Board are appointed by the Yates County Legislature “to include as diverse a group as possible by including various occupations, interests, minorities, etc. The appointments should be made so as to afford equal opportunity to a broad social and cultural spectrum of County residents. No political consideration or any other type of favoritism should be shown when making such appointments.”

The members are appointed for terms whose expiration is staggered to result in approximately one-third of them expiring each year. Members may be re-appointed by the County Legislature. The members receive no salary or compensation for their services as members of such board, except that they may be reimbursed for necessary and reasonable expenses, including training, incurred in the performance of their duties. 

Those interested in volunteering for the YCPB should contact County Planner Dan Long at 315-536-5153, ext. 4.

Having the YCPB at full strength improves the chances of reaching a quorum each month, especially with the seasonal attendance of some members. The December meeting was cancelled for lack of a quorum, and by law, the applications were returned as approved to the municipalities without question or comment from the county.

The YCPB will be especially important as the core members of the Yates County Comprehensive Planning Committee, which will soon be reforming to review and provide feedback on the Issues, Goals and Policies portion of the existing county plan in the effort to update it after more than 40 years. A public workshop will be held in March to obtain public input on the Comprehensive Plan. The Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council will facilitate the workshops in cooperation with the Yates County Planning office.