Greenidge Generation announced Feb. 12 that it again has won a complete and total victory—this time in New York State Appellate Division, where a five-judge panel unanimously dismissed the appeal of Judge William Kocher’s first of two rulings that the restart of the Yates County-based natural gas and biomass-powered plant adhered to all state and federal environmental laws, rules and regulations.

Plant Manager Dale Irwin said, “From the very beginning of this process, we consistently pledged to meet all State and Federal requirements and the highest of environmental standards in bringing this facility back on line. In every way, as the courts have consistently ruled, that commitment has been fulfilled. In the process, we have brought good-paying jobs back to the region and important new tax revenue back to our village, town, and county.”

Irwin’s statement continues: 

“We hope and trust that this unanimous decision brings this frivolous action to an end. The community has embraced our facility in so many ways, and we hope that we can now move forward together without the false and misleading statements of the past.

“The NYSDEC and the USEPA, under President Obama, approved all required permits for Greenidge and those actions made a clear statement; Greenidge would be held to the highest of environmental standards—both during the restart process and beyond. Dedicated regulators at both agencies spent years reviewing this matter, answering every public comment and considering every legal argument presented. Despite this, a small but vocal group of opponents have made a series of absurd claims driven solely by politics, not by the law and certainly not by the facts.

“Judge Kocher’s decision, as upheld by the Appellate Division, rendered an unequivocal verdict on those baseless claims; they were soundly rejected. The opponents’ tactics were also soundly rejected, all the while confirming that Greenidge acted under authority of law and in good faith.

“The result is a facility that meets the most stringent state and federal environmental standards of any plant its kind in the nation. We appreciate the faith and confidence that village, town and county leaders have placed in us. As this latest ruling demonstrates, we have earned that trust and remain committed to the Greenidge family and keeping faith with our community.”