A partnership between Yates County Workforce Development and four of the area’s leading manufacturers has resulted in one of the most significant opportunities for the people of the entire county.

Working with Yates County, the Finger Lakes Economic Development Center and Finger Lakes Works, Workforce’s Employment & Training Supervisor Joseph Davis brokered a deal with Coach and Equipment, Ferro, KanPak, and Silgan Plastics to purchase an unlimited license from Metrix Learning for their online learning management system that helps jobseekers upgrade their skills and gain certifications to secure employment. 

Metrix has been used by Workforce in the past, but with individual licences for each client. This $6,000 community license for all Yates County residents is an experimental trial for Metrix. It allows free, unlimited, online training in over 5,000 individual courses and 10 industry career “Pathways,” pre-mapped with skills, courses, and re mediation, leading to over 200 occupations. Yates County was chosen because of its size and the close connections between local agencies and industries here.

Designed for job-seekers, workers who want to increase their skills to earn more money, people seeking to change careers, or those who want to update their computer skills to the newest and most common programs, Skillup Yates represents a new and tremendous opportunity for all. The license period ends in November.

For the four industry partners, a custom Pathway has been developed and was just launched last week — the Yates Manufacturing Badge. This incorporates online courses than can last a few minutes or up to 1 1/2 hours for a total of 25 hours, 41 minutes to receive the badge, which is recognized by the “Big Four” and doubtless soon will be by others. The courses were selected to meet the needs of the four companies and job-seeking graduating high school seniors. Course takers can even test past the course by getting an 80 percent or better on pre-tests to receive that certificate. Once all 40 certificates are achieved, the Yates Manufacturing Badge is yours, and new opportunities are open for you.

Starting your new career in industry can begin with six easy steps:

1. Visit http://yatesskillup.metrixlearning.com .

2. Click “Job Seekers” and create your account.

3. Click “Industry Pathway.”

4. Select “Manufacturing.”

5. Choose “Yates Entry-Level Manufacturing Badge.”

6. Begin and complete the list of courses to earn your “Yates Manufacturing Badge.”

The Yates Manufacturing Badge also covers the New York State required sexual harassment awareness training, and can be used by companies to certify their workers’ completion.

All other pathways and course certifications are also open to Yates residents. Additional, more advanced courses in the medical field are available individually. Some job-seekers may qualify for financial assistance during the training period.

For more information, contact Workforce at 315-536-5140, or visit them on the second floor of the Yates County Office Building.