Bruce and Nancy Westerdahl, residents of Yates County since 1969, have published a book about growing up in Gettysburg, Pa. in the 1940s.

We Grew Up in Gettysburg - A Love Story —  describes how the couple fell in love with each other and the famous town where they grew up during the historic years of World War II and the beginning of the Korean Conflict.

The sources for their memoir include Nancy’s diaries, articles in the Gettysburg Times and their high school newspaper, and their memories and those of friends.

Growing up in their hometown, Nancy and Bruce knew every street, alley, and shop, and every avenue and famous landmark in the National Park which they referred to as the “Battlefield.”

Nancy and Bruce were juniors in Gettysburg High School when, after several dates, they began “going steady.” Seventy years later, they are still “going steady.”

The couple left their hometown more than 60 years ago, but they return often because it’s where they fell in love, where they were married, and where they still have many friends.

We Grew Up in Gettysburg - A Love Story - is available at Long’s Cards and Books ($14), ($15 postage free with Prime) or from the authors at  ($17 includes postage).