Craig S. Nelson of Dundee is often on the scene of area emergencies, documenting the work of area rescuers with his photographic skills. 

April 19, he was in the Guyanoga area taking photos of a litter of fox pups when he heard the emergency equipment headed to a call for help at a house filled with smoke. Accessing the scene took a bit of a hike, he says, but it was worth the effort, because he caught some of Yates County’s rescuers at their finest.

Here is Craig’s report:

Lilly, a beautiful Chocolate Labrador couldn’t keep up with Abbie, her spry young dog companion who exited the house without her, leaving her alone in the smoke-filled house.  

Jumping into action, Branchport-Keuka Park firefighters Matt Kelly and Aaron Martin entered the smoke-filled house and rescued Lilly from a house fire on Willet Ext., Jerusalem. 

Matt says as he and Aaron worked their way blindly along the floor, he first felt a couch and then the dog. The two carried Lilly out of the house and brought her to Car 9, where Penn Yan Ambulance EMT Sarah Huey was waiting for her with needed oxygen. While Matt and Aaron returned to fight the fire, Sarah placed the oxygen mask on Lilly and rubbed her belly as she slowly cleared her lungs of the smoke, according to Craig.  

Craig writes: “Soon, Lilly lifted her head and acknowledge Sarah and Deputy Coordinator Willie Allison with a slight wag of the tail. With a small sip of water and a biscuit from the photographer, she was ready to sit up. In a few minutes, Lilly turned towards me, smiled and posed for a portrait with EMT’s Sarah Huey and Corey Slocum.

“Many thanks to all the firefighters and EMTs involved with saving Lilly, Abbie, their loving human companions and their home. Lilly has been to the vets and she is fine. The following weekend Lilly and Abbie went to the Branchport Fire Department with all tails wagging, happy to see everyone.”