Rescuers from Yates County’s 11 fire departments and emergency medical services gathered April 26 to reflect on the work that was accomplished in 2018 as they completed nearly 11,000 hours of training to be prepared for emergencies.

A total of 335 students spent dozens of hours training for a wide variety of emergency situations, and in recognition of that effort, the Yates County Emergency Management Office hosts a dinner and awards ceremony.

Brian Winslow, Director of the Yates County Office of Emergency Management praised the work of all the Yates County departments during 2018, thanking the more than 150 there  for their dedication.

Yates County volunteers responded to hundreds of calls for service in 2018, according to Winslow. Rescuers are prepared to respond to fires, motor vehicle crashes, rope rescues, farm accidents, hazardous conditions, water rescues and more at all times of day and night.

Saving lives and property is only possible with the specialized training that each department completes. Winslow detailed the hours of training completed by departments:

Bellona: 17 students in 49 classes for 536 total training hours

Benton: 46 students in 111 classes for 1,127 total training hours.

Keuka Park: 41 students in 128 classes for 1,268 total training hours

Dresden: 11 students in 20 classes for 314 total training hours.

Dundee: 42 students in 108 classes for 1,607 total training hours.

Himrod: 32 students in 103 classes for 1,635 total training hours.

Middlesex: 14 students in 36 classes for 280 total training hours.

Penn Yan: 70 students in 133 classes for 1,762 total training hours.

Penn Yan Ambulance:  16 students in 40 classes for 1,035 total training hours.

Potter: 26 students in 59 classes for 964 total training hours

Rushville: 18 students in 34 classes for 329 total training hours.

Yates County ALS: 2 students in 2 classes for 101 total training hours.

Individuals who were honored at the dinner were:

Derek Christensen,
Penn Yan Fire Dept.: Yates County Fire Service H. Robert Hathaway Officer of the Year Award, in appreciation of his dedication and leadership.

Josiah Peachey and Nick Fultz, Dundee Fire Dept. Emergency Squad: Yates County EMS Provider of the Year. In presenting the award, David Dowdle, chief medic of Soldiers & Sailors Medic 55/Yates County Advanced Life Support, said these two volunteers “stepped up to the plate and answered the calls.” In fact, of the 651 ambulance calls to dispatch Dundee crews, one or both of these two volunteers responded.

Rodney Bassett, Middlesex Fire Dept.: Roger Ribble Memorial Award, for dedication to the Fire Service for embracing its traditions and training its future members.

William McIlvride, Dundee Fire Dept. Emergency Squad: Yates County EMS Training Hours Award, for the individual with the most training hours (186)

Cody Burnett, Penn Yan Fire Dept.: John P. Woods Fire Training Hours Award, for the individual with the most training hours (266).

Aaron Zimmerman, Potter Fire Dept.: Yates County Combined Fire and EMS training hours award (236)