Local photographer Ken Buschner may live in the middle of a world-class wine region, but his heart lives in regions of Scotland where technique, terroir, and oak barrels contribute to the transformation of barley into Scotch whisky rather than fruit into wine.

Buschner, who playfully gives himself the moniker of  “Single Malt Snob,” has produced an entertaining and informative book that is complimented by his talents behind a camera lens.

He says The Art of Scotch,  about the lore and production of Scotch Whisky, took him years to complete and hundreds of hours of work, including — obviously — many hours of sampling some of Scotland’s finest.

Buschner details 52 single malt scotches while exploring four regions: Speyside, Highlands, Islands, and Lowlands.

Buschner thoughtfully reveals the character of each of the whiskys with humor and charm, and issues a rating on his personal “snob” scale. He photographed each subject in his Penn Yan studio, and offers this bit of advice on the back cover:

“A word of caution... You will hear many so called experts drone on ad nauseam about the proper way to drink this noble spirit. But here is the real deal truth of that matter... drink it however the hell you like it and tell anyone who disagrees to take a hike. Your whisky, your choice, period.”

The Art of Scotch, which makes a perfect gift for Father’s Day,  is available locally at Longs’ Cards and Books, 115 Main St., Penn Yan.

Slàinte mhaith!