After a final public hearing and special meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday, May 9, the Milo Town Board approved the sewer expansion project for 19 properties along Bath Road, including the Penn Yan/Yates County Airport.

After the board officially reviewed the map, plan, and report, including an estimate of cost, with Jason Bellis, Project Manager - Water/Wastewater/Office Leader with Larson Design Group; Jeff Smith, the town’s financial advisor for the project; and Robert Foster, Town Attorney, the board passed unanimously the resolution establishing Sewer District No. 3.

The Town is currently anticipating a State and Municipal Facilities Program grant in the amount of $450,000 and a 2016 Airport Capital Grant from the NYSDOT Aviation Services Bureau in the amount of $421,200 (in partnership with Yates County). 

It is expected that the difference of the total capital cost and the total grant funding secured will be financed via a municipal loan that will be paid back as debt service by property owners within the extension sewer district, pursuant to EDU assessments.

The project will greatly improve conditions and allow expansion at the airport. It will include a pumping station located below grade on the site of the Keuka Shores townhouse project on Rte. 54. At previous meetings, great care was taken in the design specifications to ensure the safety and function of that station because of its proximity to Keuka Lake.

According to the report by Bellis, users within the new sewer district will be charged the same sewer rent that is charged to users within Sewer Districts 1 and 2 to cover operation and maintenance costs. The current rate for sewer rent is $131.46 per quarter per equivalent dwelling unit (EDU), which is equal to $525.84 per year per EDU.

In addition to sewer rent, users within the new sewer district would also be charged an annual debt service to pay for an estimated $296,115 in project costs that are not covered by the secured grant funds. 

It is estimated that the cost (combined debt service and sewer rent) of the district to the typical property or one-family or two-family home will be $840 in the first year during which operation, maintenance, debt service, and other charges and expenses are to be paid.

Connection to the proposed gravity system is an expense of the project and not an additional expense for owners of the improved property that will be connected to the sewer system. Any future connections will be the responsibility of the landowner and will need to be installed in accordance with Town standards.