The gallery of Keuka College’s past leaders grew by one this past weekend as the official presidential portrait of President Emeritus Dr. Jorge L. Díaz-Herrera was unveiled in the Gannett Room of Lightner Library.

College officials and trustees joined friends, family, and professional associates of President Emeritus Díaz-Herrera for the ceremony Saturday, June 22.

“Today, we unveil the portrait of a man who created a legacy of change and progress,” said College President Amy Storey, who described the College’s 19th president as “a man of vision and drive.”

Storey shared some of the highlights of President Emeritus Díaz-Herrera’s seven-year tenure, including construction of Keuka Commons, the College’s newest building in more than 40 years; installation of the athletics turf field; and creation of digital learning spaces in the residence hall lounges, student center, and Lightner Library.

“Those who visit the College today continue to benefit from the enhancements and passion

Jorge brought to his presidency,” she said.

President Emeritus Díaz-Herrera, who retired July 1, 2018, personally selected artist Nicolas F. Shi to create his portrait and the two worked together to conceptualize the design. Shi’s style utilizes bold patterns and bright colors.

“Very vibrant,” said longtime College Trustee Don Wertman upon the portrait’s unveiling. “I love it!” 

Along with Wertman and many of his fellow College trustees, those in attendance included  Díaz-Herrera’s daughter, Zorylú Díaz-Bonilla, grandsons Sebastian and Leonardo Bonilla, and several other relatives. Also among the guests were Dr. Al Simone, former president of the Rochester Institute of Technology; Associate Dean for Research and Scholarship/Ph.D. Program Director at RIT Dr. Pengcheng Shi and his spouse, Dr. Hope Mi; and President of the True Insights Consulting LLC Clay Osborne and his spouse, Dorelis Osborne.