Select members of the Penn Yan and Dundee Trap teams traveled to Mason, Mich. July 10 to participate in the USA High School Clay Target League National Competition, which took place from July 11–14. 

Two shooters from Dundee and one from Marcus Whitman brought home prizes from the individual competition.

Teams set their own criteria for student-athletes to be able to participate in this competition. For a squad of five to participate, there must be five or more members of the team with a season average of 19 or above. The top five are given the first opportunity to attend. Spots that are declined are offered to shooters with the next highest average. Two alternates may also be selected. Individuals may compete in the individual portion of the competition if they have an average of 22 or above for the season. Other individuals below that average may compete if they wish on an independent basis.

Dundee Coach Angie Cox provided results for Penn Yan and Dundee.

July 12

In the first day of team competition July 12, teams shot 50 rounds in the morning and 50 rounds in the afternoon. The top 80 teams of 207 were selected for the final round competition Sunday. Unfortunately, neither team was able to make the cut into the final round, but both gained experience to build upon in the future. Dundee finished in 152nd place and Penn Yan finished in 147th.

Representing Penn Yan Academy in the team competition were Kendall Johncox, Wally Young, Reid Castner, Cole Egburtson, and Alexandra Cox. Alex Voak attended as an alternate squad member. Shooting for Dundee in team competition were Hunter Crofoot, Thomas Grady III, Zack Neu, Logan Corey, and Josh Cramer.

July 13

In the first day of individual competition July 13, 1,691 participated, and the top 400 were selected for the final competition. Shooting as individuals for Penn Yan were Kendall Johncox, Alexandra Cox, and Justina Jenkins. Representing Dundee were Hunter Crofoot, Thomas Grady III, and Zack Neu. Each individual shot 50 rounds in the morning and 50 in the afternoon. Making it into the individual final competition July 14 were Thomas Grady III with a 97 and Hunter Crofoot with a 92. Grady earned his first ever 50 patch during the morning session.

July 14

During the final individual competition July 14, Marcus Whitman’s Caleb Bootes finished 19th with 196. 

Hunter Crofoot shot his first ever 50 and then proceeded to rack up a 75 and 100 in the afternoon session. He ended up in 70th place with a 193. Thomas Grady III finished in 107th with a 192.

To be able to remain cool and composed with the best of the individual shooters represented in the final round is something to be proud of.