Next year, the Dundee Fire Department will mark 180 years of service to the community, and it will be “official.”

At the July 9 meeting of the Dundee Village Board, Dundee Mayor Fred Cratsley Jr. signed a proclamation honoring the department.

Former Chief Ray Miller, who had been researching the department’s history for several months, says the fire department was incorporated by the State of New York in 1840.

He began looking for answers because department records never included information about the formal organization. He says it’s important to recognize all the years that volunteers have served the community.

The Dundee Fire Department covers areas of Dundee, Starkey, and Barrington and provides volunteer fire fighting, rescue, and emergency medical services. 

The proclamation reads:

“Whereas, the Dundee community has been the recipient of the services of the Dundee Fire Department since the incorporation of the Dundee Fire Department by the government of the State of New York in 1840; and

“Whereas, throughout the 179 years since its incorporation the Dundee Fire Department has consisted of Volunteer Firefighters from the Dundee Community; and

“Whereas, uncounted numbers of men and women have served the Dundee Community as Volunteer Firefighters since the incorporation of the Dundee Fire Department; and

“Whereas, those Volunteer Firefighters have devoted countless hours to training, organization, emergency preparation, and actual firefighting, during which they risked their health and safety through their service to the Dundee Community.

“Now therefore, be it resolved that the Mayor and Board of Trustees of the Village of Dundee express their deepest gratitude and thanks to the Dundee Fire Department and its past and present members for their exemplary service to the Dundee Community from 1840 to present.”