The Department of Health has advised Penn Yan Village officials that the swimming area at Indian Pines Park can re-open Saturday, Aug. 10.

The DOH has issued an advisory closing the swimming area earlier in the week because a blue-green algae bloom had been identified.

Dan Doyle, Penn Yan's recreation and facilities director, announced the advisory Friday afternoon. He says both the Indian Pines and Red Jacket swimming areas will be open Aug. 10 during the posted hours at the park.

Contact with blooms

People and animals should avoid contact with any algae blooms, scums and colored water.

Blue-green algal blooms can turn the water green and can form thick scums on the

water surface. Blue-green algae can cause skin or eye irritation, or diarrhea and

vomiting if ingested. People and animals should keep out of the water where blooms are


The Department of Health recommends taking the following precautions:

• Don’t swim, wade or fish near blooms or scums

• Don’t drink the water

• Keep children and animals away from any blooms or scums

• Rinse with clean water if exposed

Please report symptoms that may be associated with exposure to blue-green algae

blooms, such as skin or eye irritation, or diarrhea and vomiting to the Department of

Health at (315) 789-3030.

For more information, please visit