The State Board of Elections reminds all voting-age New Yorkers that today marks the eighth annual National Voter Registration Day, a massive, nationwide effort to register voters ahead of the November elections. This year, more than 4,000 grassroots organizations will join forces with the goal of helping over 250,000 eligible voters update their registration or get registered for the first time. This massive network of community partners will run National Voter Registration Day events across the country includes 1,600 nonprofits, 900 libraries and 600 universities, along with local election offices, businesses, co-ops, veterans' groups, and more.

Voters can visit and enter their zip code to find events in their area all across New York State. 

"Counties, towns, cities and villages across New York State are having elections this year with thousands of offices being contested,” said Robert Brehm, Co-Executive Director of the State Board, “yet there remains a large number of people not yet registered to vote. The State Board of Elections encourages all New Yorkers to exercise their right to vote and registering is the first step."

To find out information about their own registration status, New Yorkers can visit the State Board website,, or their local county board of elections website, The deadline to register to vote in New York for this year’s general election is Oct. 11. Applications must be hand-delivered or postmarked by October 11th to be eligible for the general election. Oct. 11 is also the date under current law to change your party enrollment in time for next year’s Presidential primary on April 28, 2020. The voter registration form can be downloaded from our website: Alternatively, if you have a drivers license, non-driver ID card or learner’s permit from the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles, you may register online at their MyDMV site. You can also register or find forms at most state and federal government offices. Registered voters who have moved within the state since they last voted are reminded to update their information by sending a registration form with their new address to their local county board of elections no later than Oct. 16.

“These are the elections that are closest to home for voters,” said Todd Valentine, also Co-Executive Director of the State Board, “they affect decisions about their roads and bridges, changes in their communities, their property taxes and their schools. Unfortunately, more than 60% of unregistered voters say they were never asked to register, which makes initiatives such as National Voter Registration Day all the more important."

First created on the fourth Tuesday in September in 2012, and endorsed by the National Association of State Election Directors, the National Association of Secretaries of State and the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, more than 2.4 million voters have registered or updated their registration as a result of this nonpartisan initiative. Volunteers helped 865,000 people register last year, a record for the event. 

For more information about registering to vote in New York State, visit our website:, call the State Board at 518-474-1953 or call your county board of elections or send an email to

For more information about this press release or the State Board of Elections, please contact John Conklin or Cheryl Couser or call 518-474-1953.