The business that began as a corner gas and service station in the 1960s has grown to an auto service center that has now expanded to include a state-of-the-art body and paint shop.

Polmanteer Auto Service Center is now home to new collision shop that includes a Global Finishing Solutions paint booth with a full downdraft ventilation system that not only protects the worker, but improves the quality of the paint job, according to owner Gavin Polmanteer.

Gavin’s father, Fred, moved the family business from the corner of Liberty and Elm, where Walgreens is located, to a site in Horizon Business Park. When Gavin took over the business, which was already a busy auto mechanic shop, he set a goal to add a body shop when the time was right. When Bob Cirencione, owner of Village Auto, began talking about retirement, Gavin decided the time was right to work toward his goal.

A large addition was built on the back of the existing shop, and the paint booth with a sophisticated computer system for mixing paint was built. Gavin hired Louie Hicks, who had been working at Village Auto, and the projects are beginning to come in.

With the specialized paint booth, the jobs will move out quicker than in traditional shops, says Gavin, explaining the system’s efficiencies allow quicker turn-around time on body work. And waste is minimized with the computerized paint mixing system which allows preparing paint by the ounce. Hicks says he can enter details about the body part he will be painting into the software, and the system will prepare only enough paint for that area.

As the season for deer and winter collisions approaches, the shop is establishing connections with auto insurance companies to streamline the process for handling claims and estimates.

In addition to the body shop expansion, the business has grown to include work on heavy trucks, including DOT inspections, with the hiring of a former Tones garage mechanic, bringing the shop’s total employee count to seven full time and five part time. To top it off,  Gavin is proud to say he has financed the entire expansion with no financial assistance from government programs. 

Call Polmanteer Auto Service Center at 315-536-9367.