Friday Oct. 4, the Penn Yan Academy FFA Chapter held their annual Cider Day. The high school FFA students invited the elementary students to participate in activities to learn about New York State produce.

There were stations where students could milk a fake cow, press their own apple cider, or even bowl with a head of cabbage. FFA advisor and agriculture teacher Carlie Bossard felt that the students responded well.

Using apples donated by Cornell Agritech, the high school volunteers guided the Elementary kids along on the cider making process and then would sell their product after on. Triana Burgos-Farnan, a senior, said that the student helpers show the kids how they get from a raw apple to the finished product that you can find on the shelves.

Another station, was the cabbage bowling run by an 8th grade student, Ryan Dann. Here they taught kids about the vegetables that are grown in New York State, and quizzed them to see if they knew the difference between fruit and a vegetable. Dann says the students liked the Cabbage Bowling. He remembered his time in elementary when he visited Cider Day.

“I remember coming over here from the elementary and making cider, but there’s lots of things we’re doing now that I remember we didn’t have when I came over,” remembered Dann, and he could only remember making the cider. The event was also accompanied by costumed students! The kids were able to see the N.Y. Maple Leaf Costume, and a friendly cow walking about. The event was enjoyed by the elementary students and a success another year.