The Jerusalem Town Board approved moving two new drafts of local laws forward to the next steps in their progress to enactment.


First, the Kennel Law committee has completed their redraft of the existing law, so it was approved to be sent to the town attorney for his review and advice. Several items were mentioned as changes, including a reduction in the maximum number of breeding females from 10 to eight, annual inspections, and setbacks from property lines. Board and committee member Jamie Sisson says the committee is now satisfied with the changes. Once returned from the attorney and examined by the board, it can be posted and moved forward for public hearings. 


That is the stage the proposed law setting parking regulations on Central and Assembly Avenues in Keuka Park now stands. The proposed law includes:

Parking prohibited at all times on:

• Central Ave., west side from Assembly Ave. north 1,400 feet

• Central Ave., east side from Orange St. north 400 feet 

• Assembly Ave., north side from Poplar St. to the property line of the Post Office

• Assembly Ave., north side from Central Ave. to the property line of the Post Office

• Assembly Ave., south side from Central Ave. west 285 feet 

Parking restricted:

• Between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 11 p.m, no parking longer than 10 minutes on the north side of Assembly Ave. directly in front of the Post Office property.  

• Parking prohibited 11 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. on:

- Lake Ave., from East Bluff Dr. to Oak St.

- North Ave. from Central Ave. to Lake Ave.

- Assembly Ave., north side, along all the Post Office property 

The Parking Law committee, working with Jerusalem’s and Yates County’s Highway Departments, was able to drastically reduce the number of parking signs needed from over 80 to just 18. While the county can make the signs, both the State Comptroller’s Office and County Legislature Chairman Doug Paddock say an intermunicipal agreement wil have to be made for the installation and maintenance of town parking signs on county roads. 

The public hearing is scheduled for the Nov. 20 board meeting.

In other business:

2020 Budget: Town of Jerusalem Budget Officer Terry Kwiecinsky presented the townwide budget for approval. She reported there is an overall reduction in spending of 10.47%, with the rate/$1,000 of assessed value reduced by $.1069; from $2.249 in 2019 to $2.142 for 2020. 

Usage rates for water and sewer will be unchanged. Overall spending increased $200,000 for the painting of the Keuka Park water tank, and will be paid from capital reserves.

Consolidated Water Capital increases due to the 2019 Keuka Park Water Improvements bond:

2019 = $273,629 ($171.26 per EDU on tax bill)

2020 = $326,426 ($203.92 per EDU on tax bill)

Water & Sewer: Board member Ray Stewart commended Water & Sewer Dept. workers Kasey Christensen, Brad Donovan, and Ginny Fenton as well as engineers from Larson Design for working until after 9 p.m. on the Columbus Day holiday for the Keuka Park water improvement project. The old, unmapped college mains and unforeseen obstacles have delayed and complicated the installation of the new town mains. Stewart also commended the W&S workers after recent culvert replacement work on West Lake Road left a 12-inch water main hanging unsupported, and they quickly installed a support beam.

Highway:  The purchase of a new John Deere boom mower to replace an old one shared with the Town of Barrington, was approved for $50,000 from the equipment budget. Barrington will buy out the remaining half-share value of the old mower.

Four existing workers were reclassified from medium equipment operators to heavy equipment operators for insurance purposes. The MEO positions will be kept vacant for potential new hires in the future.