Contested races are on the Nov. 5 ballots for town offices in Barrington, Benton, Italy, Jerusalem, and Milo.


In Barrington, incumbent Republican Calvin Crosby and Tom Petro III are being challenged by Steve Brigham of the Barrington Renewal Party in the election for two seats on the Town Board.

Calvin Crosby, (R) 68

• Occupation: Retired

• First elected to the town board in 2009

• Resident of Barrington since 1984

Major issues:  To insure the financial responsibilty to the taxpayers.

Continue to lower the tax rate. He says the town board has lowered the tax rate more than 10 percent and the 2020 budget will reflect another 7 percent decrease in the tax rate per $1,000 of assessed value. Keep working on the town roads.

Tom Petro III (R, Barrington Renewal)

• Occupation:  Sales and project manager at Dailey geothermal in Penn Yan for more than 10 years

• Member of the Barrington Town Planning Board for three years

• Resident of Barrington for 48 years

Major issues: My priorities are to keep our town moving forward in a positive and respectful direction that will be beneficial for all residents in the Town of Barrington.

Steve Brigham (Barrington Renewal). 56

Occupation: Retired Senior Executive or board member with major companies including EB Brands, Brookstone, Timberland, and Bausch and Lomb

No previous public offices; Volunteer for many local non-profits including Keuka Lake Association Board

Resident of Barrington since 1999 (20 years)

Major issues: Promote fiscal responsibility and lower taxes: Consistent with the N.Y.S. Comptroller Audit in 2017, much work is needed to put the town’s financial records in order and address the over taxation that was identified.

Make the health of Keuka Lake a town priority

Ensure all citizens have a voice in town government

Prepare town’s infrastructure for current and future growth and needs.


In Benton, Republican Incumbents Richard (Dick) Harper and Alan Tomion are challenged by Democrat William H. “Bill” Roege for two seats on the town board. Conservative Steven Vaughan is challenging Republican Jason Hoover for the Benton Highway Superintendent seat which will be vacated by Jeff Mann at the end of the year.

William H. “Bill” Roege (D), 65

• Occupation: Retired Air Force Lt. Colonel (1998); Retired Federal Government; Executive-Department of Defense and Department of Energy (2016)

• Seneca Lake Pure Waters Assoc. Board Member and the new Director of the Seneca Lake Harmful Algal Bloom Program.

• Resident of Benton since October 2016

• Major issues: I believe we need to do more to prepare locally for the challenges facing us in the 21st century and that, given my career experiences, I can help the town, county and area do that.

Dick Harper (R) 65

• Occupation: Retired in May 2019 after working for Ferro Corporation for 42 years as a Chemical Engineer in various positions including Environmental, Health and Safety; Manufacturing Engineering and Quality Management.

• Other Elected offices: I have been on the Town of Benton Town Board for 13 years

Resident of Benton:  35 years; Yates County resident 65 years

• Major Issue: Maintaining effective government through changes is the main goal. “We are facing N.Y.S. reducing funding as well as implementing justice and bail reforms that will impact our court system. We will be experiencing a turn over in the Highway Supervisor and Code Enforcement positions in 2020. We have a water district extension on Earl’s Hill Road in progress and are working with Town of Torrey on their district which will be fed from Benton’s water district.”

Alan Tomion (R), 63

Occupation: Farmer

Other Elected offices: Benton Town board member

Years in Benton: 63

Major Issue: General interest in all town business


Incumbent Malcolm MacKenzie (Vote Mac-Kenzie) faces challenges from Republican newcomers Debra Cook  and Benjamin Dempsey for two seats for four-year terms on the town board.


Town Council member Jamie Sisson, who won the Republican Primary for Supervisor in June over incumbent Patrick Killen, is being challenged by Dixon Zorovich for the supervisor seat.

K. Dixon Zorovich (D), 49

• Occupation: Grant Writer

• No previous offices held

• Resident of Jerusalem five years

• Major Issue:  Our government should be a reflection of our community.  See her listing under the County Legislature District I for more.

Jamie Sisson (R), 57

• Occupation: self-employed (JL Sisson Construction and Steamboat Castle B&B)

• Currently a councilman in Town of Jerusalem

• Resident of Jerusalem for 10 years

• Major issue: An opportunity to create environment that allows town employees to work positively together.


In Milo, Incumbent Republican Town Board members Arden Sorensen Jr. and Dale Hallings are being challenged by Democrats Valerie Brechko and Mildred Phillips-España.

Valerie Brechko (D), 66

• Occupation: Retired Educator from Dundee Central School.

• Penn Yan Public Library Board Trustee

• Resident of the Milo area for more than 40 years

• Major Issues: My goal as a councilwoman is to make the work of the council more transparent. I would push to get draft minutes on the town website within a week of the conclusion of the meeting and would also make sure the monthly agenda is posted in advance. At this time the minutes are always two to three months old and agendas are not posted at all. The public should be able to view town business without jumping through the hoops of calling and requesting minutes or agendas.

Mildred Phillips-España (D), 37

• Occupation: Office Manager, Juan España Landscaping

• Co-founder of the local chapter of Yates County Young Democrats; President Emeritus; Formerly, Regional Vice-Chair of the Fingerlakes for the Rural Caucus of the New York State Young Democrats.

• Resident of Milo  for 13 years.

• Major Issues: I am running for Town Council in the Town of Milo so that I can bring greater transparency to the people of the jurisdiction. Currently the Town of Milo posts minutes but they are never up to date, thus making it difficult for the constituents to be informed of what is happening in the town government.

Arden “Arnie” Sorensen (R)

• Occupation: farmer; retired from Yates County Highway Dept.

• Member of Town Council for 28 years.

• Resident of Milo his entire life

• Major Issues: “Hopefully, I can continue to do some good for the people. I truly enjoy working with the people on the board and in the office. I like listening to people.”

Dale Hallings (R), 62

• Occupation: Farmer

• Town of Milo Councilman, highway, zoning, insurance, buildings & grounds, and agriculture committees, and Milo Planning Board.

• Resident of Milo for 62 years

 • Major Issues: To represent farmers and all residents in the Town of Milo.