Yates County election winners in contested races:

None of the Democrats who attempted to win contested races against Republicans in Yates County were successful in the Nov. 5 general election.

Winners in contested races are:

Supreme Court Justice 7th Judicial District: Matthew Rosenbaum (R) and Kevin Nasca (R)

Yates County Coroner: Kathy McGrath (D)

Yates County Legislature

District 1: Douglas Paddock (R), Edward Bronson (R), Timothy Cutler (R), and Patrick Killen (R)

District 2: Terry Button (R), Richard Harper (R), Richard Willson (R)

District 3: Leslie Church (R), Carlie Chilson (R), Daniel Banach (R), P. Earle Gleason (R)

Jerusalem Supervisor: Jamie Sisson (R)

Barrington Town Council: Calvin Crosby (R), Thomas Petro III (R)

Benton Town Council: Richard Harper (R), Alan Tomion (R)

Italy Town Council: Debra Cook (R), Malcolm McKenzie (VM)

Milo Town Council: Dale Hallings (R), Arden Sorensen Jr. (R)

Benton Highway Superintendent: Jason Hoover (R)

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