Area towns have adopted or are preparing to adopt budgets for 2020.

The towns of Milo and Starkey have both adopted spending plans that call for reduced tax rates, as was the case reported last week in Barrington.

One of the factors that is impacting tax rates in Yates County is the overall increase in assessed property value.

Countywide, the total taxable value of property has increased by nearly $157 million over the current year’s budgets.


The Town of Milo 2020 budget calls for a total tax levy of $1.87 million, an increase of $26,224 over the 2019 levy.

Total spending in Milo is $2.95 million and $91,052 will be used from the town’s fund balance.

Milo’s total levy falls more than $27,000 under the state’s prescribed tax cap, and results in a base tax rate inside the village of Penn Yan of $1.42 per $1,000 of assessed property, down from $1.48 per $1,000 of assessed value.  The base rate outside the village is $2.59 per $1,000 of assessed value, down from $2.80.

There are additional tax rates for special districts, such as water or sewer districts, the Himrod Fire District, or the Penn Yan Fire District. The rate in the Penn Yan District is $.46 per $1,000 and the Himrod District is $.70 per $1,000.


The Starkey Town Board heard no complaints from the public Nov. 7 when they presented their 2020 budget which calls for reductions in tax rates on bills that will be due early next year.

The budget includes spending in these categories:

• General Townwide: $328,833, a 1.9% increase

• General Outside Dundee: $58,050, a 3.1% increase

• Highway Townwide: $320,750, a 15.4% increase

• Highway Outside Dundee: $402,100, a 1.5% increase

• Fire Protection: $189,885, a 1.2% increase

The total amount to be raised by property taxes is $973,518, compared to $958,028 collected in 2019, an increase of 1.6%

The budgest uses $85,000 in fund balance to offset the local tax levy impact.

Tax rates vary according to a property’s location inside or outside the village of Dundee, but according to figures provided by town officials, in all cases, tax rates will decline. However, the final bill will depend on the property’s assessed value.  Village residents with property valued at $100,000 will see a decrease of $10.02 while town residents outside the village with property valued at $100,000 will see a decrease of $24.76.

Town tax bills are combined with county tax bills and are mailed to property owners in late December.