The Penn Yan Central School Board will make a decision about how to use  $375,000 in excess capital project funds left after the completion of the $15.2 million project that included work in all three school buildings and a new transportation facility.

Superintendent Howard Dennis says the district is trying to maximize the surplus which is the result of cautious use of funds during the project. The $375,000 cannot be put into a capital reserve fund, but it can be put in a debt reserve fund to pay off debt, according to Dennis.

The possible uses include:

• resurfacing the parking lot at Penn Yan Academy at an estimated cost of $200,000

• replacing the scoreboard and sound system in the stadium at a cost of $91,000

• adding five changing rooms to each of the locker rooms at a cost of $85,000 for both locker rooms.  Dennis says there are only open areas in each locker room for changing.  “Due to legislation changes in the last few years, most schools are beginning to set up separate changing areas for any students who feel uncomfortable changing in the open areas,” explains Dennis.

During the discussion at the Nov. 13 Board of Education meeting, board member Alicen Yonts asked about making upgrades to the microphones and soundboard in the academy auditorium.

The board’s next meeting will be Dec. 18.