Share the magic of a wonderful musical adaptation of everyone’s favorite Christmas classic tale when Dundee Elementary actors present Bah, Humbug! this Friday evening. 

Bill Francoeur’s original music beautifully accompanies an uplifting retelling, enriched with ample female roles. 

“Bah, Humbug!” Ebenezer sings, dooming himself to visits from three Christmas spirits.  With the first ghost, he sees his sister Fanny as they sing “One Last Christmas” Next, Scrooge is taken to the home of his employee, Beth Cratchit, where Tiny Tim sings “God Bless Us, Everyone.” Finally, Scrooge watches as the entire town celebrates with “He’s Dead and Buried!” 

Ebenezer’s revelation that “Life Was Meant to Live” brings a heart-warming conclusion to Dickens’s beloved tale.