Fourteen guest speakers helped Dundee Elementary students understand the importance of writing for a variety of occupations and other activities during the school’s annual Writing Day Nov. 22.

Speakers showed the students in grades 2 through 6 how writing is connected to everything from law enforcement and emergency services to song writing and news reporting.

Writing speakers were Joel Pinckney, Heather Gilbert, Mary Stoe, Lynn Rider, Gwen Chamberlain, Tiffany Simmons, Jessica Mullins, Jenna Owen, Sam and Kyle Spinks, Nick Fultz, Candace Iszard, Evan Dillon, Don Will, and Jake Chard.

While those classes were visiting various speakers, students in pre-K through first grade were engaged by guest readers: MaryLee Ashby, Amy Fleet, Lewanne and Alan Giles, Charlie Emerson, Aggie Woodard, Karen Adams, Dee Anderson, Crystal Hamm, Laurie Halbert, Chris Arnold, and Alec Miller.