Yates County Sheriff Ron Spike has issued an alert to remind residents to be cautious about telephone scams.

Typically near the Christmas holiday telephone scams and frauds occur. Yates County Sheriff’s Office has received complaints from Yates County residents who have received telephone calls from different scammers, for example:

• A caller identifying as an agent for the Social Security Administration and advises that your account number has been fraudulently used and they will have to issue a new one and the agent will want to verify your current number and name etc.

• A caller identifying as representing the NYSEG electric & gas company and that they will be forced to shut off your power if you do not make a payment immediately. This caller will seek your credit card number over the phone.

Spike stresses, “These are scam and fraud phone calls. Social Security does not make phone calls like this, nor does the NYSEG operate this way. The caller is trying to get your identification information, or get a credit card number from you. Do not give out personal information over the phone or make monetary payments this way.”

He adds, “Do not become a victim of identity theft fraud. Never give out personal information, bank accounts or social security numbers over the phone or internet.”

The Do Not Call registry still exists, and is a free call 888-382-1222 or www.donotcall.gov.

Spike advises, “It is best to immediately hang up. However if you become a victim, please call local law enforcement to report a crime.”