To update the county’s comprehensive plan, more survey results are needed from a broader area in the community

YATES COUNTY — What do you value about Yates County? What do you think needs to be improved or added? Are there things that are just right? A committee that will be updating the Yates County Comprehensive Plan would like to have a broader view of what county residents value as they begin the process of composing the new plan. To get this information, the committee would like to receive completed surveys from more county residents, especially people who live in Dundee, Dresden, and Italy. Survey forms are available at the Yates County office building and online at The deadline to submit surveys is Jan. 30, 2020.

While about 200 surveys have been picked up, only a portion of them have been returned, and a limited response does not give a clear picture of residents’ priorities.

According to County Planner Dan Long, as of the first week of December:

• Most of the returned surveys (42%) had been submitted from Jerusalem residents, followed by Potter (11%), Benton (9%), and Milo (8%). There have been no responses from Dresden, Dundee, or Italy.

• Most of the responses came from retired individuals, followed by people who have full time employment.

• The Prattsburgh school district was most often listed, followed by Penn Yan, Marcus Whitman, and Dundee. Geneva and Naples districts were not represented.

Reasons people said they live in Yates County include:

• Rural nature of the county

• Natural beauty

• Sense of community

• Housing costs

• Proximity to metropolitan areas

Services people would like to see increased:

• Internet

• Cell phone

• Pedestrian, bike lanes

• Hiking trails/paths

• Recycling

• Public Outreach/notifications

Services people think should be decreased:

• Police Protection

• Street Lights

Long presented an overview of the process at the third public workshop Dec. 12, and included a list of agriculture issues to be considered as the plan’s development continues:

• Right to farm

• Support for best practices

• Soil quality & erosion

• Water quality/dependability

• Future of the farming community

• Use of quality farmland for other purposes

• Succession planning

Long says after the surveys are collected, a group of sub-committees will be formed to work on specific areas of the plan.

For more information about the plan and to see a searchable copy of the existing 1974-75 plan, visit, and go to the Planning Dept. page.

Get your copy of the survey here.