Jerusalem’s law, to be adopted Jan. 15, has no county-wide impact.

PENN YAN — Following the public hearing Dec. 18 and the subsequent approval by the Yates County Planning Board Dec 19, the Town of Jerusalem’s proposed new kennel law is scheduled for final approval by the Town Board at its Jan. 15 regular meeting.

The kennel committee completed their redraft of the existing law in the fall, which was then approved by the town attorney. Several changes were made with input from the Humane Society of Yates County, including a reduction in the maximum number of breeding females from 10 to eight, the humane retention or adoption of those dogs once past breeding age, daily maintenance of housing and exercise areas, approved waste management plans, annual inspections, certifications of veterinary care, noise buffering, and setbacks from property lines.

Speaking to the planning board, Jerusalem’s Supervisor-elect, Jamie Sisson, who served on the town board and the kennel committee, said the committee is now satisfied with the changes, which still allows for kennel owners to make a profit from their business.

Jerusalem resident Joe DeGeorge, an active HSYC member, stated at a the October town meeting that the proposed law is a good compromise.

Planning Board Vice Chairman David Granzin cast the only no vote, saying he did not think it was right to limit the number of breeding dogs which would limit the income the breeder could make.

In other applications approved by the county:

• Benton: The Humane Society of Yates County, for a Special Use Permit to construct a 50’ x 80’ addition to the shelter at 1216 Rte. 14A. Volunteer Joe DeGeorge spoke for the HSYC saying the expansion would improve conditions for the dogs at the shelter, providing them with individual outdoor runs and greater insulation from each other indoors, making them calmer and thus more adoptable.

• Penn Yan: for a Text Amendment for the term "Kennel" in the Zoning Chapter of the Village Code to define "Kennel - Any use where, on a lot or in a premises for monetary or other .compensation, four (4) or more domestic animals, more than four (4) months of age, are kept, housed, harbored, groomed, bred, trained or offered for sale."