PENN YAN — During an organizational meeting Monday that lasted less than 10 minutes, Douglas Paddock was re-elected chairman of the Yates County Legislature.

“I pledge to do my best to deserve the confidence you have placed in me,” Paddock told the legislators before listing a sample of significant accomplishments the county has achieved in the past year, and added, “I believe this group is capable of handling initiatives already underway and as yet unknown challenges with a commitment to keep the best interests of county residents in mind.

“I look forward to working with the legislators, department heads and constituents,” he concluded.

This is Paddock’s second term as chairman. A resident of the town of Jerusalem, he represents District 1 (Jerusalem, Italy, Middlesex).

District II legislator Richard Willson was elected to serve as vice-chair of the legislature. Connie Hayes was elected Clerk of the Legislature, Scott Falvey was again elected County Attorney, and Winona Flynn, acting county administrator was re-appointed budget officer.

Paddock issued the standing committee assignments:

Finance: Bill Holgate, chair; Tim Cutler, vice-chair; Dan Banach, Ed Bronson, Patrick Killen, and Rick Willson, members.

Government Operations: Ed Bronson, chair; Richard Harper, vice chair; Carlie Chilson, Tim Cutler, Jim Multer, and Bonnie Percy, members.

Human Services: Leslie Church, chair; Ed Bronson, vice chair; Terry Button, Carlie Chilson, Richard Harper, and Bonnie Percy, members.

Public Safety: Tim Cutler, chair; Bonnie Percy, vice chair; Leslie Church, Earle Gleason, Richard Harper, and Bill Holgate, members.

Public Works: Dan Banach, chair; Jim Multer, vice chair; Terry Button, Earle Gleason, Patrick Killen, and Rick Willson, members.

The legislature’s first regular meeting of 2020 will be held at 1 p.m. Jan. 13. A public hearing on a local law establishing the office of County Administrator will begin the session.