Offender had soiled himself intentionally to ‘upset officers.’ Police Chief says revolving door created by bail reform allows offender himself to go free again

Four times in three days, the Penn Yan Police Officers have arrested the same man for a variety of offenses. Mark G. Booth, 66, of Benham St., Penn Yan, was last arrested Jan. 13 after he allegedly got into an argument with a female and punched her in the chest and arm and shoved her. Booth then physically resisted officers and they arrested him for 2nd degree harassment and resisting arrest.

Prior to this incident, Booth was arrested at 3:27 a.m. Jan. 11 after he was seen driving erratically on East Elm St. After failing field sobriety and drug intoxication evaluation, he was charged with common law DWI, DWAI by drugs, and failure to maintain lane, and was released with appearance tickets for Penn Yan Village Court later.

At 9:15 p.m. that same day, Booth was arrested again following a larceny complaint made by an employee at a convenience store after he allegedly took two bags of chips with the intention of not paying for them. He was taken into custody, charged with petit larceny, but was again released with an appearance ticket after he was processed.

In the third arrest, as he had in one prior arrest, Police say Booth intentionally defecated in his pants because “he was upset at officers arresting him and seemed to feel he would be released if he made the situation unpleasant enough.”

Booth was taken to Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital for a check over and was released. Police were able to hold Booth in the Yates County Jail for arraignment in order to get an order of protection in place for the victim of the alleged harassment. Once served though, Police say Booth was released from jail “due to the new criminal justice reform laws.”

The fourth arrest came Monday, Jan. 13, when Booth was charged with trespassing, a violation, following a complaint from a villge business. He had been banned from returning to the store after a previous incident, when it was reported he had been harassing employees. He was taken into custody by police, issued an appearance ticket and released to appear in village court.