Benton & Potter sites to Jerusalem Town Barns
Dundee & Reading Center sites to Cardinal's home base

During the COVID-19 crisis, Cardinal Disposal has decided to close their outlying drop sites in Benton, Potter, Dundee, and Reading Center for the safety of the public and their employees.

Dundee and Reading Center patrons will now use Cardinal's main location at 635 Shannon Corners Road north of Dundee, open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday - Friday, and 8 a.m. to noon Saturdays. Customer contact is limited through the use of a window to reduce person-to-person interaction. Cardinal owner Joe Gibson says, "Cardinal has seen a sizable influx of patrons at the Shannon Corners location, but being spread over six days has helped to conform to social distancing requirements."

Due to the distance to Shannon Corners for patrons of the Benton and Potter sites, beginning this Saturday, Cardinal is establishing a consolidated drop site at the Town of Jerusalem Barns at 2672 Guyanoga Road north of Branchport from 8 a.m. to noon Saturdays until further notice. This will be designated the “Yates County North” location, with Shannon Corners being “Yates County South.”

The Benton and Potter sites will be closed in coming weeks. Payment on Saturdays at both the new  sites is by cash or check only. Credit cards may be used weekdays at Shannon Corners.

Prices for by-the-bag disposal:
$2 for 1-13 gallon bag white/clear
$4 14-30 gallon bag black/clear
$8 31-55 gallon bag black/clear

Recycling will remain “free” despite the fact that last month, Cardinal paid $104 per ton of Single Stream Recycling, while straight cardboard leveled off at $0 per ton at Casella in Ontario County.

Cardinal Disposal provides all equipment to facilitate the drop site including an attendant, trash truck, single stream recycling roll off boxes, and rear load dumpsters for cardboard. Cardinal Disposal will be financially responsible for all transportation and disposal of materials.