New York State’s Spring Youth Turkey Hunt was held April 25 and 26. Two local boys went out with their families for the first time this year and came back with a turkey each.

For Cason Ballard, the Spring Turkey Hunt came just two weeks after his twelfth birthday. Cason spent the the first day of the hunt with his grandfather, Tom Dunkelberger, as his caller, though they didn’t snag a turkey that day. On the 26th, Cason had his uncle, Mike Mullins, as his caller with his mom, Julie Dunkelberger cheering him on. Cason was able to bag an 18 lb. jake by 7 a.m. and will remember the time with his family on his first turkey hunt.

Brayden Rider bagged his turkey on the first day of the Spring Hunt. Awake and raring to go by 3 a.m., Brayden found the woods filled with the sounds of turkeys that morning. By 6:30, six toms had approached the decoy Brayden had set. Brayden picked his shot and dropped his turkey like a veteran hunter. His pride was evident from the smile on his face.