“Poverty in Rural America: The Story of Yates County Home and Farm from 1830 to 1950” is a scholastic opus that delves into rural America’s poorhouses and identifies the effective steps by the Yates County Home and Farm that paved a path for improvement in the deplorable conditions in the community. “Poverty in Rural America:” is the creation of published author Christina Trombley, a first-time author and a retired registered nurse, licensed nursing home administrator, and management consultant.

Trombley shares, “‘Poverty in Rural America: The Story of Yates County Home and Farm from 1830 to 1950’ describes the development of poorhouses in New York State, providing an analysis of poverty and an impression of the societal attitudes toward those who were impoverished in the early nineteenth century. The reader is provided with an understanding of the workings and management of the Yates County Home and Farm as well as comparing it to the general issues of poverty and the solutions employed by the state. Throughout the book, the author has provided insights and discussion questions at the end of each chapter to prompt discussion and further analysis to provide insight into the impact upon the people involved. The book highlights the changes in philosophy of poverty and its solutions over the time of the operation of this poorhouse and the development of other social-service programs. This work would appeal to readers of history and of social change over time.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Christina Trombley’s new book seeks to transform the society into an effective force that continually advances toward stability and without reprieve due to neglect in economic, political, and communal facets. This book imparts potent ideas that revolutionize the philosophy of penury in hopes of uplifting the society from depravity through sound management and social relationship.

Although this is Trombley’s first book, she has utilized her writing skills as a health-care-professional as a registered nurse, licensed nursing home administrator and management consultant of her own firm. Chris also was elected as town justice in 2000 and is now retired. Once retired, she moved her interests to the history of the Finger Lakes. Many days you could find Chris reading and taking notes from old handwritten documents in the Yates County Office of History and Public Records Management. Today, she lives near Lake Ontario and the Finger Lakes region of New York State. She is the mother of two and a grandmother of two who enjoys the family, gardening and other projects like this.

Chris lived in the Penn Yan area for fifteen years at a house that was built on County House Woods Rd. That location was apparently part of the woods of the original poorhouse. 

The duration of the data collection process was about three years with extensive spread sheets that will be part of a compendium. The compendium is in the process of development.

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