The evening of the Penn Yan Academy Awards Program is a high point of the school year, as they honor the students for their academic achievements, citizenship, and commitment to the school, community, and humanitarian service. This year, those awards were made in an online presentation on Youtube. 

Awards and the programs were sent to the homes of each recipient.

Dave Pullen, Principal of PYA states that a total of 66 students were presented with awards totaling more than:

• $61,550.60 actual dollars awarded to students.

• $1,996,500.00 in potential academic scholarships.

• A grand total in awards and scholarships approaching just over $2,058,050.60.

“Many thanks to the community members, organizations and colleges that continue to support our finest students,” said Pullen, adding his thanks to Administrative Assistant April Sutherland and Assistant Principal Warren L. Kinsey. “Thank you both for your time and commitment to all of our recipients and the individuals and organizations that give so generously. My sincere congratulations to all of our students on a job well done! Be Safe and Stay Well.”


Franklyn Hamm Memorial Prize In Agriculture - Brianna Hawley     


Roger Lafler Memorial Award - Kameryn Greenfield


Scott L. Shoff Memorial Award - Triana Burgos-Farnan


Gu-Ya-No-Ga Chapter National Society Daughters of the American Revolution American History Prize - Maxim Baker


Charles H. Beaumonnt Award In Business - Brennan Prather


Board of Education Award In Memory of
Alice M. VanBuren - Caitlin Wunder


Mary E. Moynihan Memorial Scholarship - Genevieve Elliott


Thomas and Katharine Waye Award - Hanna Brodmann                


Penn Yan Lions Club Service Award in Memory of Elliott Vorce - Kayla Andersen, Jenna Curbeau    

Penn Yan Rotary Club Interact Scholarship - Kayla Andersen, Triana Burgos-Farnan


Rotary Dean Morgan Vocational Scholarship - Jonathan Droney


Leo J. Del Rossa Jr. Scholarship - Grant Andersen 

BPO Elks Lodge #1722 Scholarships*Deb Manahan Elks Memorial Scholarship - Kayla Andersen, Jenna Curbeau, Nicolette Pallar, Triana Burgos-Farnan, Jonathan Griner, Rachel Wheeler, Collin Cummings, Mariah Hoover, Allison Winslow

*Carlton and Sarah Wren Memorial Scholarship - Kayla Andersen, Brendan Pinckney, Collin Cummings, Allison Winslow


American Legion Johnson-Costello Post #355 Scholarships

*Walter “Gene” Guild Memorial Scholarship - Rachel Wheeler

*John P. Lynn Memorial Scholarship - Kayla Andersen   


Masonic Lodge Milo 108 Award - Madison Flynn, Leah Moniot


Loyal Order of the Moose Award - Aeronwenn Lavin


Meredith “Jug” McMichael Award - Jonathan Droney


CSEA Local 862 Scholarship - Brianna Hawley


Penn Yan CSD CSEA Unit Scholarship - Maryn Parson, Ashley Sisson

Penn Yan Ambulance Award - Genevieve Elliott   


Lyons National Bank Scholarship - Brennan Prather  


Penn Yan Education Association Scholarship - Kayla Andersen, Jenna Curbeau, Austin Meredith, Logan Broome, Camryn Webber


Penn Yan Academy Conference Room Art Award - Hayley Andersen, Madelyn Kuver, Kaitlyn Kriegar, Izabella Zeno


Lynn Hazlett-Beach Excellence in Art Award - Sarahlyn Scharping 


Robert Gillespie Excellence in Art Award - Alaina Smith 


Paul and Agnes Christiansen Memorial Scholarship - Triana Burgos-Farnan, Lukas Rood, Camryn Webber


PYTCO Charlotte Grady Fitzpatrick Award - Collin Cummings, Alexia Strong


Mary Cramer Lightfoot Award in Drama - Camryn Webber    


Dr. Rodney D. Littlejohn Positive Attitude Award - Brendan Pinckney        


Robert J. and Marjorie M. Larder Memorial Scholarship - Logan Broome   

L. Caroline Underwood Memorial Award - Collin Cummings     


Penn Yan Academy P.T.G. Scholarship - Andrew Garren, Nicolette Pallar        


Dartmouth Book Award - Isabel Droney        


Mildred H. Long Reading Award - Angel Chilson    


ServU Federal Credit Union Award - Jenna Curbeau 


Atwood Senior Historic Essay Award - Kayla Andersen


Donald E. Campney Memorial Award - Tyler Scofield      


Class of 1933 Award - Victoria Feria-Perez, Devon Gerhardt


Penn Yan Academy Class of 2006 Scholarship - Mackenzie Chapman                  


Penn Yan Academy Class of 1985 Scholarship Award - Natasha Rivers     


P.E.O. Local Scholarship - Kayla Andersen                


P.E.O. STAR Scholarship - Kayla Andersen


New York State Scholarship for Academic Excellence - Kayla Andersen, Lukas Rood, Leah Moniot, Rachel Wheeler


Josephine Lucey Dunlop Estate Scholarship - Elizabeth Cromheecke, Onalia Sheradin, Serina Sheradin


Theodore S. Smith Memorial Scholarship - Mckelvie Jensen, Maryn Parson


Dick Rickman Memorial Scholarship - Rachel Wheeler           


James Uvanni III Memorial Scholarship - Caitlin Wunder       


Carey’s Farm & Home Centers  Physical Education Award - Angel Chilson, Brendan Pinckney   


Central Western Zone of N.Y. Assoc. Outstanding Physical Education Students - Jenna Curbeau, Andrew Garren


Women of the Moose “Ethel McDermott” Award - Logan Broome       


Women of the Moose “Good Citizenship” Award - Kayla Andersen   

Elmira College Key Award - Molly Campo, William Steele


Clarkson University Leadership Award - Eric Fingar


Clarkson University Achievement Award - Maxim Baker


RIT  Creativity & Innovation Award - Riley Potts


RIT Computing Medal Award - Tyler Griffin


Wells College 21st Century Leadership Award - Rylee Bodine, Skye Sutherland




Paul E. & Pauline A. Titus Memorial Scholarship - Rachel Wheeler


XEROX Award for Innovation & Information Technology - Bryan Smith 


Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award - Caiden DeMarco     


Frederick Douglass & Susan B. Anthony Award - Isabel Droney


George Eastman Young Leaders Award & Scholarship - Lee Miller


Hobart and William Smith Colleges Finger Lakes Scholars - Maxim Baker, Nicholas Jarecke,Christian Reinard, Molly Campo, Riley Potts, Bryan Smith, Caiden DeMarco, Molly Pullen, Kevin Smith, Tyler Griffin, William Steele


Keuka College George H. Ball Community Achievement Award - Riley Dallos, Clarissa Enos, Riley Potts, Jaina Doyle, Claire Pullen


Bradley Wager Award - Scott Davis, Jr.


Danish Brotherhood Award in Spanish - Maryn Parson


Danish Sisterhood Award in French - Kayla Andersen


Penn Yan Area Council of Churches Scholarship - Kayla Andersen