Kathryn Jane Jensen, 91, died peacefully in Bridgewater New Jersey on Saturday November 30, 2019.

A family only service will be held Friday, Dec. 6.

She was born in Kane, Pa. May 28 1928 to Stanley Collin and Mary (Hargett) Collin. She had two sisters Doris and Mary Ann and a younger brother, Tommy.

She attended the University of Delaware and married Howell Fulton (Fult) Jameson in 1955. They moved to Hammondsport and started the Lamplighter Lumber Company on the east shore of Keuka Lake, her home for many years.

She was active in the local community and also had a flourishing interior design practice. Fult passed suddenly in 1967 and the lumber company was sold. In 1972 she remarried Gordon Jensen and with him ran the Donaldson Jensen men’s clothing company in Penn Yan until 1984.

She is survived by her son, James Jameson; her daughter-in-law, Beth Quinn Jameson; and her three dearly beloved grandchildren, Colleen Jane, Abigail Eileen, and Andrew Howell.

Arrangements by the LaMarche Funeral Home, Hammondsport.