Penn Yan— Banchong Homhouane, affectionately known as Bon, was born on May 15, 1949 in the southeast Asian country of Laos. In his younger years we was a Buddhist monk.

Later, when he was 16, he was recruited by military advisors as a scout. He progressed to the rank of Master Sargent, then met his wife of over 20 years, Onechane Phimmasone.

They had four children together: Somsack Homhouane, Nonglack Homhouane, Bounlom Fosdick, and Nalong Homhouane, The family later fled the violence in Laos to Thailand in 1978. They then had the opportunity to come to the U.S. as refugees of the Vietnam War. The family was sponsored by St. Paul’s Lutheran Church ministered by the late pastor Russell Scheel.

Bon became employed and worked at Birkett Mills for over 30 years. He took great pride in his work, much like everything he did in his life.

Bon had a passion for home improvement and loved landscaping and gardening. He suffered from untreated cancer and depression. His trial came to an end this past week. With his sudden passing, he leaves behind friends, family, sons, daughters, and grandchildren, all lives he helped make better.

His beloved grandchildren that he is survived by are Stone Mounivong, Kiera Fosdick, Arik Homhouane, Slater Mounivong, Ada Homhouane, Taylor Fosdick, and Arlo Homhouane.

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