Transfer station closes indefinitely

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express
Casella has no immediate plans to re-open the Milo transfer station, which has been closed since last October.

The Divisional Manager of Casella Waste Systems has confirmed that the company does not plan to re-open the Milo Transfer Station off the Himrod Road in the immediate future.

The site was closed on Oct. 16, 2010, and at the time, the company had planned to re-open the transfer station after the winter. Now, Ray Bell says the rising cost of fuel and other expenses connected to operating the site make running the station cost-prohibitive.

Last fall, it was estimated that as many as 200 vehicles used the drop off site on Saturdays to take garbage, where they paid a per-bag fee to drop off their garbage, an option that was cheaper for some area residents.

Last week, Bell said about 100 cars per week use the facility.

Bell said Casella will continue to own the transfer station, and if there are indications that the volume will increase, the company may re-open the site.

When asked if the transfer station concept had become a thing of the past, Bell replied, “Transfer stations are a great outlet when you (garbage hauler) have a very limited disposal capacity. If I had to drive to Rochester to take the waste out of Penn Yan, it would make sense to take it in large volumes, rather than 30 trucks running.” He said it is easier and more cost efficient for the company to “direct-haul” the garbage from curbside pickup to the Ontario County Landfill in Stanley.

So, what options do area residents have for their garbage and recycling? Casella, Cardinal Disposal and Feher are three of the main garbage haulers in the area offering curbside pick up.

Bell says his company will provide 96 gallon recycling bins to customers to encourage people to throw less trash away.

Cardinal Disposal operates trash drop off sites in the Dundee, Potter and Benton areas.

The Shannon Corners site is open 8-5 Monday-Friday and 8-12 on Saturday.  Drop-offs can be made at the Dundee Glenora and the Potter Town barn sites 8-12 on Saturday.

The Benton site is open on Saturdays from 12:30  to 4 p.m. The station will accept bagged trash for $4.50 per bag, and all recyclables at no charge. There is no axle fee and no residency requirement.