Tourism Advisory Committee will review funding requests

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

The Yates County Tourism Advisory Committee (TAC) announced on June 8 that local organizations and community groups can apply for funds offste some of the costs of tourism marketing.

The TAC was formed by the Yates County Chamber of Commerce according to a resolution from the Yates County Legislature. The TAC is made up of nine tourism professionals and representatives from Yates County government.

The committee will review proposals from agencies, community groups, event planners and others who are involved in marketing initiatives that bring visitors from outside the area to Yates County. An emphasis will be placed on funding activities that create overnight visitation. The group’s recommendations will be passed on to the Yates County Legislature, where the final funding decisions will be made.

Funds that will be available for appropriation come from the county’s occupancy tax. The legislature uses some of the revenue from the occupancy tax to finance tourism promotion programs managed by the Chamber of Commerce (which is the county’s official Tourism Promotion Agency), Finger Lakes Tourism Alliance (formerly the Finger Lakes Association) and Finger Lakes Wine Country Tourism.

Half of the revenue from the occupancy tax is committed to the county’s general fund to reduce local property taxes.

Funds left after appropriations to the tourism promotion programs and general fund will be available for distribution as recommended by the TAC.

To participate in the program, call or email the Chamber of Commerce at 315-536-3111 or to request an information packet, including an instruction sheet and program form. The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, July 20.