DA, Chamber of Commerce issue consumer alert

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

The Yates County District Attorney's Office, assisted by the Yates County Chamber of Commerce, issued a consumer alert today, Oct. 3 regarding recent door-to-door solicitations of County residents by a pair of men offering driveway paving and sealing services.

Yates County District Attorney Jason Cook noted that these recent solicitations have been misleading and fraudulent. According to the latest information received, the pair will approach a homeowner and claim that they have "leftover materials from a recent paving job" and then offer to pave the resident's driveway at a discount rate. Instead, the driveway is simply sealed and the property owner is charged for a full paving job.

According to Mike Linehan, president of the Yates County Chamber of Commerce,

homeowners should be wary of any contractor who conducts business door to door. Cook also suggests that people should contact the police if the contractors attempt to gain entry into the house for any reason, including using the phone. Linehan suggests that residents should always try to do business with local firms, check references, obtain a certificate of insurance and inquire if the contractor is a member ofthe Chamber of Commerce.

Cook and Linehan urged local business owners and consumers to check with the Yates County Chamber of Commerce before entering into any agreement with an unknown contractor. Cook also noted, "Citizens should be aware of this important issue and any suspected fraud should immediately be reported to law enforcement."

For more information, contact the Chamber at 315-536-3111.