Dundee grocery to undergo renovations

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The Chronicle Express
Martini's ShurFine in Dundee will be closed for about six weeks this winter while the building undergoes major renovations and re-opens as a Save-A-Lot.

Dundee shoppers will have a new store to patronize this spring, but first, they will have to do without a store for several weeks.

Doug Martini, owner of Martini's ShurFine, has confirmed that the store will be completely overhauled over about six weeks before a new store that he says will offer competitive prices opens.

The process will begin later this month, as the store's entire stock is liquidated. Once the stock is sold out, the store will be completely remodeled "from top to bottom," according to Martini.

Over the next few weeks, new flooring, ceiling, shelving, cases and decor will transform the inside of the store, promises Martini, who says he's already getting positive feedback from employees and customers.

"They (employees) want a brand new store with lower prices," he said Monday. All of the current employees will keep their jobs after a break during construction, but they'll be called back to stock shelves and for training. "There will be no change in the workforce," he said.

The exterior will also undergo major changes, says Martini.

The new store at the corner of Water and Seneca Streets will be a Save-A-Lot, still owned by Martini Foods, and customers will find a new floor plan and updated check-outs along with new meats, produce and deli sections.

According to the Save-A-Lot website, there are more than 1,300 Save-A-Lot grocery stores in the U.S. Martini says a new store opened at 400 W. Morris St.in Bath last September.

"As one of the nation's leading extreme value, carefully selected assortment grocery chains, we deliver our customers terrific savings on discount groceries, up to 40 percent compared to conventional grocery stores," says the website.

Martini and his wife, Jackie purchased the store in 2009 from Alan and Lew Ann Giles. He was previously a meat manager for P&C.

The Giles family had operated a grocery in the village for more than 50 years.

The company owns or licenses more than 55 stores in New York and operates a distribution center in West Coxsackie.

Save-A-Lot is a wholly owned subsidiary of SUPERVALU (NYSE: SVU)

The Save-A-Lot website includes information about the corporation's retailer incentive program for opening new stores.

The website can be found at save-a-lot.com.