Licensed Massage Therapists: They have the right touch

Gwen Chamberlain
Joy Perry, LMT, owner of Barrington Holistic Healing Spa, offers a variety of massage therapies and spa experiences.

There are more options than ever when it comes to staying healthy and feeling well, and a service that is growing in popularity and stature is massage therapy. There are several Licensed Massage Therapists in the Yates County area, and it’s likely one will fit the needs of any individual. If you are looking for a spa experience, relief from pain, or improved athletic performance, one of the LMTs in the area is sure to have the right approach.

The power of touch

Joy Perry says she has always believed in the comforting power of touch. While many in the Barrington community may know her as the friendly and efficient clerk in the Town of Barrington office, she also has been an emergency responder, helping sick and injured people through difficult times. And she has used her instinctive touch to assist mothers and midwives welcome new babies to the world.

So, a few years ago while at a brainstorming session organized by Our Town Rocks, when the question of what businesses or services could benefit the community came up, she shouldn’t have been surprised by her own response. She said she would like to have a massage therapist in the community. The natural next step for her was to enroll in the two-year-long training to become a therapist.

Once the decision was made, all the steps fell into place, and even though she had limited resources, she purchased a small house on a country road not far from Dundee and opened Barrington Holistic Healing Spa.

She and her team of family and friends rolled up their sleeves to transform the small cabin and rustic country property into a comfortable, inviting retreat. In the process, she found what she saw as a sign of an enlightened future at the spa: a statue of Buddha. The statue now sits near the entrance, welcoming guests to the comfortable retreat. Guests might be lucky enough to get a view of deer, geese, or other wildlife in the neighboring fields.

Now, after nearly a year of operating the spa, Perry says all the work was well-worthwhile. She’s built a client base of about 300 just by word of mouth. She has offered special events and group sessions for bridal parties and others. But offering guests an escape from their day-to-day stressors is the foundation of her business.

“We’re all living so fast and we hold it in our bodies,” she says, adding, “It’s such great self care.”


Jackie Bauda, who sees clients at her storefront at 110 Main St., Penn Yan, says massage therapy is a better alternative than medications for repetitive motion injuries or stress-related ailments.

“I enjoy seeing people walking out with less pain,” she says, adding, "I get more satisfaction out of helping people address chronic and acute issues.”

Bauda says she spends time learning about a person’s medical history so she can provide the best individualized care. Her therapy techniques blend well with a local chiropractor.

After earning her degree in physical education at SUNY Cortland, Bauda completed training in massage therapy in Boulder, Colo. before returning to Penn Yan. She says continued educational requirements in New York state help maintain high quality services, and now that the general public is better educated about the different types of therapy and their benefits, there is increased demand and expanded market for the services, even in small towns.

Pain Relief

Persephone Boyd, who cares for clients in her Cornwell Street home in Penn Yan, says every massage therapist is different in what they do and the style of their touch. “No one is ever going to do the same massage,” she says.

Boyd, a licensed practical nurse, discovered the benefits of massage therapy when she was looking for relief from her own herniated disc injury in 2004. “I work on a person’s body to bring balance,” she says, explaining that she incorporates a variety of massage techniques in her approach. I get really good results and there is no pain that I can’t relieve at this point,” she says.

Cindy Newcomb, whose Raven’s Landing, is across Main Street from Bauda’s storefront, also offers a variety of massage therapies, Reiki, hypnosis, reflexology, and her signature intuitive sessions for a completely different type of experience.

Barrington Holistic Healing Spa

5482 Ray Crosby Road, Dundee.


Joy L. C. Perry, LMT

Offering a holistic approach with your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being in mind.

Spa Care Menu: Swedish Massage, Connective Tissue Therapy, Essential Oil Therapy, Pregnancy Massage, Elder Massage, Medical Massage, Body Wraps W/ or W/out herbs, Polarity Therapy, Hot Rock Massage, Hydrotherapy, Cryotherapy, Shiatsu...along with other services.

Body Dynamics

166 Main St., Penn Yan


Suzanne Giovinazzo, LMT

Peak Performance Therapeutic Massage

110 Main St., Penn Yan


Jackie Bauda, LMT

Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Therapy, Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Reflexology,

Penn Yan Massage

124 Cornwell St., Penn Yan


Persephone Boyd. LPN, LMT

Appointments can be made online at the Penn Yan Massage facebook page

Active Myofascial Therapy (AMT): a clinical manual and movement therapy to help people with pain, dysfunction, injuries, and the need for myofascial recovery.; Stress Relief, Targeted Pain Relief with Stress Relief, Energy Balance, Energy and Emotional Balance.

Raven’s Landing

101 Main St., Penn Yan

219 West Main St., Montour Falls


Cindy Newcomb, LMT

Integrated Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Rain Drop Technique, Couples Massage, “Shima” Pregnancy Massage, Aromatherapy, Salt Sanctuary, Reflexology, Reiki Master

Local Massage Therapists Include: