Coach & Equipment protects drivers, passengers

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The Chronicle Express

Coach & Equipment has developed a new product, the Driver Protective Barrier, to better protect drivers and passengers from COVID-19 and other transmittable pathogens. The Driver Protective Barrier is consistent with the CDC’s latest recommendations for mass transit.

“The health and safety of the people driving and riding our buses has always been a top priority at Coach & Equipment,” says Jim McMullen, CEO. “The threat of this virus has prompted us to not only act quickly but to be even more innovative when developing ways to take mass transit safety to a new level.”

Across the country, transit organizations have been concerned how COVID is and will continue to affect transit. However, as states continue to reopen and transportation remains essential, the Driver Protective Barrier is an effective solution in preventing the spread of pathogens between drivers and passengers and offering peace of mind for drivers coming to work.

In April, Coach & Equipment developed the Driver Protective Barrier, which is a hinged door made of a high-end, durable polycarbonate called Lexan that encloses bus drivers in the cab and prevents the spread of pathogens between the driver and passengers. The Driver Protective Barrier also allows the driver a secondary escape route in case of an accident. Secured at the top and bottom, the Driver Protective Barrier covers the driver cab and offers maximum protection.

“As a small-town company, we’re proud to be working with NYC MTA, New Jersey Transit, and Massachusetts DOT (some of the largest transit organizations on the East Coast) to provide solutions that will help their operation and keep people safe during these uncertain times,” says Scott Reston, President of Sales, who oversaw the Driver Protective Barrier project.

The Driver Protective Barrier product is eligible for grant funding that was made available through the CARES Act, which includes $25 billion for the transit sector for expenses related to COVID-19. Grants are administered through the Federal Transit Association.

Coach & Equipment is both a manufacturer and distributor of ADA-compliant buses, primarily along the East Coast. Founded in Penn Yan, NY in 1948, Coach & Equipment has a long history of building buses and is committed to engineering their buses to be the safest and longest-lasting in the industry. Coach’s buses are known as the “sturdy workhorses of the midsized bus industry.” 

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