Black Cat Bistro adds flavor to the Finger Lakes

John Christensen The Chronicle-Express
Black Cat Bistro owners Brian and Susan Friguliette greet customers at Black Car Bistro.

Black Cat Bistro, the newest commercial child born of the imagination and creativity of owners Brian & Susan Friguliette, joins its older siblings, Java Gourmet, Keuka Coffee Roasters, and Seneca Salt Company to offer a new and artisanal approach to dining.

Nestled in a gulley overlooking the East Branch of Keuka Lake, the tall windows of Black Cat Bistro serve up the view and the morning sun with every cup of their coffees, all roasted on site adding to the heady aroma adored by coffee aficionados everywhere. But it is much more than coffee that tempts the palate.

In addition to the expertly made espressos, macchiatos, and Cappuccinos, French-presses, teas and chais expected in a high-end coffee bar, Chef Brian Friguliette, a man of wide experience and interests, has turned his culinary skills to offer menus inspired by his Italian heritage, his New England upbringing, and his love of coffee. His background in the coffee industry, as a craft brewer, and as a chef are all brought to bear in his selections. Daily soups and pizzettas, tapas selections, starters, and desserts are all hand prepared on site in menus that vary daily and by season. All locally sourced meats, eggs, and produce when available, are prepared with some of the 45 unique rubs of Java Gourmet and the specialty seasoned salts of Seneca Salt Co.

Complementing all of this are local and international wines, beers, and ciders, all chosen by Brian and Susan for their quality and variety.

Since their start in 2003, Brian and Susan have steadily been growing their commercial enterprises, building on success after success. Inspired by the Black Dog Tavern on Martha’s Vineyard, the Black Cat Bistro is named for their own cat, Bear, whose photograph is prominently featured above the bar.

Keuka Lake Coffee Roasters also supports Keuka Comfort Care Home, Milly’s Pantry and The Yates Humane Society with specially blended and labeled coffees.

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