Guys and Dolls: A sure bet in Dundee this weekend

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express
The cast of Guys and Dolls in their finale.

The Dundee Central School Musical Theatre Club presents Guys and Dolls for its spring musical  Saturday in the School Auditorium.

The Friday night performance has been canceled because the Dundee Scots basketball team will be playing in the Section V Championship game at Blue Cross Arena in Rochester at 5:15 p.m. Friday and cast and crew members want to attend the game in support of the team.

Guys and Dolls is set in prohibition era America, with the story centering around a dice game that can never seem to get going.

With the police breathing down their necks, the comical crapshooters move from location to location, trying to find a place for their game.

When they finally find a spot at the Biltmore Garage, the owner wants $1,000 for assuming the risk of hosting the game. All seems lost until a high roller comes into town and makes a bet for the $1,000 against getting a date with a “doll. ” Aiden Van Valkenburg plays Nathan Detroit, Jake Wilmott is Sky Masterson, Casey Thomas is Miss Adelaide and Ane Shoemaker is Sarah Brown.

The cast of Dundee’s production of Guys and Dolls prepares for this weekend’s show.