Kids turn Penn Yan into Musicville

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The Chronicle Express
Penn Yan Elementary School pupils rehearse an act from their production “Musicville.”

The Penn Yan Elementary Drama Club presents “Musicville.” Come along on an adventure with Maiden Melody and Radical Rhythm as they attempt to save their town from the Sorcerer of Silence.

Musicville is bustling with excitement, preparing for the annual music festival that evening: a celebration of musical freedom. Meanwhile, the Sorcerer of Silence is fed up with the town’s constant “noise.” He concocts a magical potion to forever silence anyone who drinks it, and secretly pollutes Musicville’s sacred river with it.

Melody and Radical manage to escape and immediately seek help from the Solo of Soul, a quirky mentor, who gives them a magical map to the Castle of Composition to meet the powerful Composer of “Ahhs,” their only hope to reverse the spell. On their way, they pass through the Desert of Doo-wop, the Ocean of Opera, and the Terrible Terrain of Tango, meeting musical friends and foes as they go.

Come and see the children of Penn Yan Elementary School as their characters take a journey that teaches them about new kinds of music, overcoming obstacles, and the importance of working together. Musicville is directed by Grace Knapton.

What: Penn Yan Elementary Drama Club presents “Musicville”

When: 6:30 p.m. April 3 & 4

Where: Penn Yan Academy auditorium

Tickets:$5 available at the door

Be there ; “Musicville”