Reynolds releases album: 'Change of Plans'

John Christensen The Chronicle-Express

Local singer-songwriter Jo-Hannah Reynolds has released her first album comprised entirely of her own compositions. The album started off as just a far-off goal, a sort of “bucket list item” for her already diverse musical career. 

Reynolds thought she had written enough songs to compile this first album, produced by Unlabeled Records, but wasn’t quite sure that they would work well together as a whole project. “As we began recording, we realized that the songs fit together really nicely,” says Reynolds, “all small pieces of a much larger story,” with the title track being her favorite.

The 11 songs, all originals, with one having lyrics drawn from a poem of Langston Hughes (Hey Hey Blues) are all straight from Reynolds’ heart. From the birth of a beloved niece, to love and heartache, beauty and hope, faith and longing, each song is part of the tapestry of a larger story. Her willingness to be vulnerable certainly lends to this type of music. “I’m not afraid to ask the tough questions that life throws at us,” she says.

Reynolds says she is greatly inspired by artists like Sandra McCracken, a Nashville based singer-songwriter, whom she says she was lucky enough to sing with in Brooklyn in November 2013. As an artist, one of the toughest things she faces is the question of what genre she would fall under. “I love so many styles of music and am content to say that I’m a singer-songwriter who dabbles in folk, jazz, pop, and gospel. I’ve been influenced by so many, and there are small traces of each in every song that I write.” She gravitates toward strong, lyrical melodies in her songs as well as her contemporary classical compositions.

“When I listen to music, I want to walk away humming a beautiful melody. I try to do the same thing for my listeners--give them something to walk away with, both in music and in lyrics,” says Reynolds, adding that the best songs are always the ones that you get something new from at each hearing. “Hopefully my music does the same for my listeners.”

“Change of Plans” is available on iTunes and Spotify, and at,

Locally, CDs are available at Anthony Road Winery, Andy’s Barbecue, and select other locations.