PYTCo. Youth Theater presents 'Best of Both Worlds'

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In PYTCo.'s “Best of Both Worlds,” classic story book characters find themselves in a real high school, facing brand new challenges.

The Penn Yan Theatre Co. (PYTCo.) Youth Theatre presents “Best of Both Worlds” this week, July 27, 28, and 29 at 7:30 p.m. at Penn Yan Academy. The theatre camp production is an annual favorite of the summer season, this year featuring a huge cast of 75 children, directed by Grace Knapton, with music direction by Dusty Baker and a host of camp alumni as counselors.

The story by Flip Kobler & Cindy Marcus, with music by Dennis Poore and lyrics by Flip Kobler, has the best (and worst) of both worlds meet where fantasy meets the harsh reality of school in this toe-tapping, pop musical adventure.

When Cinderella’s stepsisters find a portal to another world, they get zapped into a very real high school and decide to never return. After all, in this world, mean girls are popular! A comically ambitious Woodsman who dreams of being a storybook hero pursues the stepsisters to bring them back and recruits the help of Danica, a hard-core realist who never believed in fairy tales and only sees the dark side of life. Meanwhile, the fairy tale world is left in shambles with the Woodsman gone. Little Red is attacked by the wolf, and Sleeping Beauty keeps pricking her finger on the ax while chopping her own firewood. It’s time for the princesses to become their own heroes and discover that they can take care of themselves. The play teaches valuable life lessons about what it means to be alive, the pursuit of dreams, and controlling your own destiny.

Fairy Tale Cast:

Woodsman, Lee Miller

Cinderella, Kendall Bailey

Magda, Maddie Martini

Petra, Elle Harrison

Rosamond, Hailey Trank

Prince Charming, Joe Droney

Little Red, Maihue Miranda-Wiltberger

Goldilocks, Addy Gillette

Snow White, Emma Eichenhoffer

Hansel, Owen Droney

Jack Horner, Brady MacKerchar

Gretel, Addie Emerson

Rumpelstiltskin, Aidan Dallos

Rapunzel, Hailey Hassos

Jill, Cady Brady

Mary Mary, Meghan Linehan

Principal Gable, Ollieve Hawthorn

Mirror, Dani Miller

Fairy Tale Ensemble - Hayden Vivier, Piper Castner, Lexi Parsons,

Heather Brown, Mary D’Abbracci, Diedrik Sheepsma, Katie Wheeler, Ula Hansen, Ty Conover, Avery Ziegler, Bella Miller, Brady Lewis, Morgan Linehan, Olivia D’Abbracci, Bronwyn Race, Maggie Pratt, Alexa Wood

Reality Cast:

Danica, Riley Dallos

Gloria, Lily Shoff

Sadie, Kaley Griffin

Mercy, Jaelea Tietjen

Clemency, Izzy Hinkal

Bull, David Young

Hap, Brooklyn Vivier

Slim, Kaylyn Lewis

Irving, Addy Webber

Tag, Zoe Ziegler

Spatter, Marissa Parsons

Randy, Abigail Fischer

Melvin, Julia Hawthorn

Stan, Addy Yonts

Opal, Marion Wheeler

Shriek, Lizzie Lilyea

Terry, Natalie Yonts

TJ, Haylee Brown

Principal Lewis, Sam Trank

Reality Ensemble – Allie Hansen, Peyton Fischer, Celeste Thompson,

Aubrey Flores, Kinsey Grower, Hadley Murray, Callie Murray, Kaelee Bunn-Smith, Megan Wheeler, Miranda Parsons, Rhiannon Lyonsmith, Teagan Godbee, Kendall Parker, Marleigh Parker, Allie Young, Lizzie Race

Production Team:

Director, Grace Knapton

Assistant Director/Music Director, Dusty Baker

Rehearsal Pianist, Sherri Emerson

Choreographer, Chelsi Thompson

Stage Manager, Noah Strong

Counselors - Bailey Findley, Chelsea Strong, Lexi Strong, Cami Webber, Maddie Flynn, Collin Cummings, Alycia Moravec, Brennan Dailey, John Droney, Issabelle Droney, Brady Emerson, Paul Gaston, Alex Cox

Set Construction, Dean Knapton

Master Electrician, Simon Gaston

Lighting Designer, Sara Lyon

Light Board Operator, Brady Emerson

Hair Coordinator, Alicen Yonts

Sound Board Operator, Dylan Hassos

Videographer/Photographer, Herb Gaston

Pit Orchestra:

Conductor, Alex Cox

Vocal Music Arranger, Paul Gaston

Incidental Music Arranger, Dusty Baker

Piano, Sherri Emerson,

Euphonium, Paul H. Gaston

Percussion, Abby Heselton

Be there

What: PYTCo. Youth Theatre’s presentation of “Best of Both Worlds”

When: 7 p.m. July 27, 28, 29

Where: Penn Yan Academy auditorium.

Tickets: $8 available at the door