YCRR launches Lose-A-Thon to raise funds and fitness

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

PENN?YAN?—Yates  Culteral and Recreational Resources (YCRR) is organizing  a Lose-A-Thon Fundraiser that will help raise donations for the planned community center project and help people meet their own fitness goals.

The Lose-A-Thon will encourage participants to lose weight in a 12-week period, with weight loss documented each week by BMI (Body Mass Index).

Each participant will donate $20 to be put in a fund.

The person with the most weight loss wins 75 percent of the fund and one full year membership to the Fitness and Wellness Center.

The runner up will win 25 percent of the fund and a one month free membership to the Fitness and Wellness Center.

All participants will receive a pedometer that will help them count steps (10,000 a day) and aid in weight loss.

For most people, 10,000 steps per day is around five miles worth of walking during the day.

Unless you have an active job such as a waitress or nurse, it would be difficult to log that by just daily activity.

Most people achieve it by one or more sustained walks or runs, equivalent to 30-60 minutes or more of walking per day.

That equals the minimum daily exercise recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). All participants will also need to recruit sponsors.

Weigh in is Feb. 1, 2008. The program ends April 30, 2008.

Participants in the Lose-A-Thon do not need to be a member to The Fitness and Wellness Center to enter the competition.

This is for all Yates County residents. However, if anyone wants to use the Center, they will have to join.

For more information on the weight loss challenge or the Yates Community Center Project, please contact Lisa A. Miller, Project Coordinator 315-694-1071 or lmiller@ycrr.org